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   "In order to truly experience architecture, you cannot learn it from books. You have to go there." This is the idea my history of architecture teacher constantly tried to grind into our heads. When we looked at slides of famous buildings, places or structures, he would always add the words "When you visit there" before pointing out what to look for.

    Granted, I have not been to many these places yet. The historic structures in Europe are still only pictures in books to me. But I have managed to travel within the US, and saw what there was to offer here. I sought out the buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff and others. When I saw these many places for myself, I remembered what my teacher said. I also saw many different views not shown in the books. It is true you need to see things with your own eyes.

    To remember my visits better, I also took my cameras with me. What started out with a photography course in college, grew into a hobby and more since then. I learned more about capturing the views I saw, and what it was that I wanted to remember. Although my subject matter is mainly architecture, I have branched out into other areas as well. After all..... photography, just like architecture, is a form of art and a way of expressing ourselves. For some, the canvas may be words, views captured, or steel and glass formed to the will of the designer.

    It has not been until much later that I started making some of my images in digital format. It was done for the purpose of sharing with others. This web site is the next step from there. Sharing further, and branching out into the World. Please take your time and look around. Enjoy the views. If you wish to let me know what you think, by all means write me as well. For art was meant to be shared, and can never fulfill it's purpose until appreciated.

-Ralph Beuc

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