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Bishop Castle Bishop Castle Bishop Castle

Bishop Castle Bishop Castle Bishop Castle


High in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of southern Colorado there stands one of the most genuine Wonders of our contemporary World. Built entirely with the two hands of ONE MAN with the support of God and a loving family, the BISHOP CASTLE is living testiment to what a poor man can accomplish in a free country armed with his dreams and the determination to make them real. Inspiring is the tale of how this 160 FOOT TALL! monument has come to be enjoyed by thousands, complete with a grand ball room, stained glass windows, and a Fire Breathing Dragon! Incredible is how folks from all walks of life and from all over the world are touched by simply being there. Jim Bishop is now 59 years young and his dream is to see just how much one man can build in a single lifetime!

Construction began in June of 1969 and has been a continuous process ever since, the summer of 2003 marking the project's 34th year. For the longest time, Jim said that he would build the castle until he turned 50, then start on the Gate-House and Castle Walls. Still enormously enthusiastic about building his castle nine years later, Jim is usually out building single-handedly every weekend year-round. The summer of 1999 saw for the first time a crew of volunteer labourers known as the Friends of the Castle who began stone masonry projects on the grounds seperate from the castle itself. Jim stated that "as long as I get the credit for building the castle itself, volunteers are now being interviewed to help build the beginnings of the wall that will surround the property and on the gatehouse"

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