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Constituent state of the United States of America. It is classified as one of the Mountain states, although only about one-half of its approximately 104,091 square miles (269,596 square kilometres) lies in the Rocky Mountains. It borders Wyoming and Nebraska on the north, Nebraska and Kansas on the east, Oklahoma and New Mexico on the south, and Utah on the west. Colorado was admitted to the Union on Aug. 1, 1876, as the 38th state. The capital is Denver.

Colorado's history is written in the names of its cities, towns, mountain ranges, and passes. Indian and Spanish names alternate with those of frontier Americans, and many ghost towns are reminders of the thousands of prospectors and homesteaders who streamed into the territory in the mid-19thcentury to pursue dreams of gold and grain bonanzas. The vast cattle ranges and agricultural acreage fed by huge irrigation projects are characteristic of modern Colorado, as are the diversified industries and the educationaland research facilities in its urban centres.

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