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Robert J.Dole
Institute of Politics
Robert J.Dole
Institute of Politics


> State of the Art Exhibits

With its video ond other displays, its stirring World Trade Center Memorial and Memory Wall honoring Kansas World War II veterans, the Dole Institute on KU's West Campus is a must-see while in Lawrence.

Service is the defining theme of the Dole Institute, a theme illustrated in exhibits that illustrate a century of Kansas history and culture. These include the timeworn cigar box in which Dole's Russell neighbors deposited their change to begin the Bob Dole Fund, eventually accumulating $1,800 to help defray the cost of the returning soldier's numerous post-war operations.

> September 11th Memorial

On leaving the lobby, visitors enter Hansen Hall. At one end, the world's largest stained-glass American flag provides a breathtaking backdrop to two ten-foot steel columns retrieved from the World Trade Center in New York, and placed here as a permanent memorial to the victims of September 11. Between the columns a large exhibit case contains Senator Dole's World War II uniform, a silent reminder that every generation of Americans can be "the Greatest Generation."

> The Darby Gallery and Russell Window

Visitors entering the impressive limestone structure will find themselves in a lobby whose floor contains a 19 x 12-foot stone map of Kansas. The same gallery features a soaring stained-glass "Russell Window", emblematic of small towns throughout the state and made possible through the personal generosity of Senator Dole and dedicated to the memory of his parents. An exhibit here introduces visitors to the first 19 years of Dole's life, including his undergraduate carrer at KU, and culminating in his December 1942 Army enlistment.

> For more information about the Dole Institute, visit www.doleinstitute.org

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