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City, Oklahoma county, central Oklahoma, U.S., immediately north of Oklahoma City. Writer Washington Irving visited the site now known as Edmond in 1832 and reported on it in A Tour on the Prairies. The town sprang up overnight in 1889, during one of several “land runs” that opened up formerly Indian lands to white settlement. It was reportedly named for Colonel Edmond (“Eddy”) B. Townsend, one of the first people to stake a claim in Edmond, although the name Edmond had been registered in 1887.

The West Edmond Field is one of the world's largest oil fields. The city's manufactures include petroleum products, feed, flour, and concrete blocks. The University of Central Oklahoma was established in Edmond in 1890 as the Territorial Normal School. Wiley Post, the famed aviator who, together with humorist Will Rogers, died in a plane crash on August 15, 1935, is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery; his tomb attracts many visitors each year.

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